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On we have a white space on the whole left side of the 'home' page - a simple page that we created - can we remove that?

We would like people to go into the site via the exhibits tab but find that, despite instructions otherwise, people tend to click on the browse items tab, or browse collections tab first - can we remove these tabs from the bottom of the page or make the browse exhibits tab more prominent?

Also - when we go into the browse exhibits tab the custom header navigation we have for the home page is back to default and shows the items and collections tab - can we change this?

We use the Berlin theme <>



Try renaming the simple page slug as something other than "home" and that may solve your alignment issues. I think there is a conflict between what you are calling home and what is already coded as home.

Alternatively, you may make the Exhibits page your homepage. Go to admin->settings->plugins and click Configure next to the Exhibit Builder. Check the box that says, "Use Exhibit Browse Page For Homepage?"

Footer's cannot be edited in themes as this time.

As for the navigation changing once you are browsing the exhibits, we will look into that because it may be a bug in the theme.

If you have further questions about using, you can use the Contact form on the site:


As for the exhibit and the navigation: be sure that the exhibit them is set to Current Public Theme--you don't need to select Berlin for Berlin to be the theme.

That will solve the problem for you now, but there does seem to be a bug if another exhibit theme is chosen.

Thanks a lot for you help! We managed to correct most of what we wanted to do.

We would still like to not have the browse items and browse collections tab above the header when we go into the exhibits tab - if this can be fixed in anyway it would be great. The theme seems to default back to Berlin even after I change it - but this is only a small problem.

Thanks again for your help!

Are you saving your changes when you switch the exhibit theme from Berlin to "Current Public Theme"? I know it is really easy to change it in the dropdown menu and then forget to save at the bottom of the page (I've done that).

That was exactly what I was doing! Thanks.

I am enjoying building my digital archive and now have sixty or seventy images catalogued on Concerned about the possibility of losing this work cataloguing I realise I need to back up my work but am unfamiliar with how to proceed. Omeka offer output formats - is this what I need - atom · dcmes-xml · json · omeka-json · omeka-xml · rss2 - if so, which would I choose and how would I access it if I needed to?
Bridget Millmore

Your materials are backed up regularly on through the Amazon cloud services, so you don't have to worry about losing that information.

The output formats are great if you are transferring data or sharing it with another system, but aren't necessary for backing up your work.

Thank you! - good to know