Omeka multilanguage site

Hi, I have just installed Omeka and I am testing it to use it here at the Museum I work at.

A question I have is it possible to make Omeka sites multilingual?

For example I have metadata sets with information in Portuguese and in English, would it be possible to have one Portuguese version of the site and another in English?

I am not just talking about the text in the buttons and menus, but also the metadata itself.

Thank you.


It is actually challenging to do this within one Omeka installation.

You can change the base language but it can only be in one language.

You can add fields for each metadata element so that it is available in more than one language.

You can also have two mirror installations that are connected by the theme's navigational elements but contain separate items, exhibits, and pages in their own language.

Hello, thanks for the reply, thats what I thought...

How can I add multiple fields for each metadata element?
I have imported several datasets, through a CSV file, which had portuguese and english metadata, so for example I have mapped title(pt) and title(en), to title but they end up in the in the same field of the title element, not in differente fields.
I imagine this is a function which is not supported by CSV import pluggin...
I already have very complete bilangual metadata for a lot of itens (about 2000) in spreadsheets, so inserting them one by one is not an option.

A bit off-topic in this thread, but also is it possible to change the metadata scheme? I have seen there is a plugin allowing the use of DCterms, which would already be better than the simple DC, but haven't tried it yet. Can I add specific elements there or it can only use the base elements defined by DCterms?

Thanks for all the support, I'm still experimenting with the system and it is very good to have opinions and pointers from more experienced users or developers...


You should be able to import multiple entries for the same field in the CSV file. You would need a separate column for each metadata field and its language. The headings for that field might include Title En, Title Pt, Description En, Description Pt, et al). In the plugin interface, the plugin will list Title En, Title Pt on separate lines that can be mapped as you wish, and you can choose DC Title field for each. Those will create separate inputs for the same metadata element.

Omeka can accept different element sets if you wish to create a new one as a plugin (

Or, you can create custom item types with custom item type metadata fields,

Or, try out the DC Extended plugin:

OK, that's what I did with the CSV importer, I thought they were inserted in the same field of the element, but looking better it does seem to import to multiple fields because the title of the item only displays one of the languages. Ok, that's good.

Yes I will surelly try the dublin core extended plugin, and later try the pluggin make option if the progamming is no too complicated... :)



I did a small plugin to allow to switch the language on the public interface.
Feedbacks are welcome!