Omeka Installation error - File storage not set up properly.

Hello, I am new to Omeka, and have just finished configuring my server.

When I try to access localhost/omeka from my browser I get the message:

Installation error - File storage not set up properly.

The following error occurred when attempting to set up storage for your Omeka site: Directory not writable: '/var/omeka/omeka/files/thumbnails' Please ensure that all storage directories exist and are writable by your web server.


I have the .htacccess file in place and have also given chmod -R 775 to the files folder so I am not sure where the problem is...

Thanks for your help with this issue.

All the best.


The files folder contains subfolders. Make sure that the permissions are set on all the subfolders, too.

Hi thanks for the feed-back, it's been a while since I used the Linux command line, but I was under the impression that the -R after chmod was to apply recursively to all contents of a specific folder.

I have done chmod -R -775 to all the folders inside the omeka/files folder, I still got the same error message...

I just applied chmod -R 777 to the files folder and it is working now...

775 can work just fine, it's just that you need to set those folders to be in the same "group" as the webserver user is.

OK thanks a lot, I am going to look into that!