Omeka ImageMagick path

..yet again :)

So I'm running a local install of Omeka on Wamp, windows 7. Omeka itself is up and running, so is imagemagick, the extension is loaded correctly and everything is recognized by apache/php and the way it should be.

Now, does anyone have an idea what path I should put in the settings so omeka can find it? I tried E:\ImageMagick and E:\\ImageMagick\\ because that is where the local install is, but this isn't recognized (I'm guessing omeka has a different way of pulling paths because it is meant for linux systems).
/usr/local/bin/ and /usr/bin/ obviously aren't working since I'm using windows. So... any ideas? I thought maybe I could try and direct it to wamp's directory where apache and php are installed, but I don't know how to do that :( (tried it with "root" and ../ but neither will work)

Maybe there is a way of finding out how omeka is pulling the path i.e. in which directory it is currently "looking into"?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Is there a file called "convert" in E:\ImageMagick?

Omeka needs a path to a folder that contains the "convert" executable. Maybe that's in a subfolder of ImageMagick?

Yep, convert.exe and when I type "convert" in the command prompt (after navigating to E:\) it also runs the convert file without problems. That's why I'm so puzzled that it's not finding it. It is also in the System Paths, so everything is working just like it should. I'm so close to getting it to work..!

If you set the path as E:\ImageMagick, have you tried actually adding an item (ignoring the failure from the "Test" button on the Settings page)?

I think the ".exe" ending for the binary is messing up our code for checking if the path is correct, but I don't think the same problem would happen when Omeka actually tries to use ImageMagick to create the thumbnails.

It works now.. I changed all the letters to lowercase, it seems to have less problems wth the directory now. It still says "Failed", but the upload works (after testing it anyway like you said). thanks for your help!

Good to hear (and this should be helpful for future users trying out Windows).

We should be able to make the ImageMagick test work slightly differently so it works on Windows, but since Windows isn't a supported platform for Omeka, fixes for Windows-specific issues honestly aren't a priority.

Out of curiosity, did you have any issues installing Omeka? Many other users have reported crashes when trying to run the installer on Windows, but they've mostly been using XAMPP.

I can see how "making it work for windows users" is not a priority, but I think the issues you have to fix are actually rather small to make it work (I assume at least, since I managed to fix them myself after I found out what was wrong and I'm pretty much a coding noob) and once they're fixed, omeka should be performing perfectly under windows as well. At least it has been doing that for me so far.
Anyway, the issue:
I did, actually, have an issue until I got it to work.
I used XAMPP first, had some issues and thought maybe it was XAMPP's fault after having read some threads in these forums. So then I installed WAMP. had the same issue: the install would lead to a blank page.
The best hint was given to me by this thread:
(**will add the link later, I can't seem to find it now).
Basically, it said that you should try importing the .sql files manually, because the Zend framework had trouble installing it under windows when the strings in some of the tables were too long.
Upon checking the database using phpmyadmin, I noticed that the install apparenty stopped when it reached certain .sql files (such as elements, element_sets I think, and a few others). So I found two solutions to this:
- manually import all .sql files, in which case you still have to manually edit all of the names because of the table prefixes (which takes a while)
- find the culprits (3 or 4 tables, that is, .sql files, were affected I think) and shorten the strings in the files manually before the install (I used notepad). then let omeka do the install. It should install fine and without errors.

In each case, it worked like a charm afterwards.

tl;dr: So basically the only issue I found when installing was the fact that some of the strings were too long. if you shorten some of the descriptions or find a different way of including them, it may save a lot of people some frustration.

Another small issue I found: When I tried to upload my first file, it gave me an error message about the element "Description" being missing. I had to manually add it to the elements table, after that everything was fine. May be a bug as well.

found the thread! :

This is what did it for me. However, item_types, and element_sets were not the only ones, I remember that 3 or 4 tables were affected. Basically, I ran the install, had a look at phpmyadmin to see how far the install got (referring to the list in Schema.php). Then I would comment out that specific table that had stoped the install at this point in Schema.php and import the .sql- file manually.
Then I cleared all the other tables from the database for a fresh install, ran the install again, and repeated the process (3-4 times) until it installed completely.