Omeka hosting?

I see in the documentation that "if you can wait until early 2010, we'll be offering an (optional) hosted service of Omeka that will allow you to run your site on our servers." Is there a more specific date for this option? We are looking at hosting solutions and would wait for this if it is going to be available soon.


We are currently in a closed alpha testing period with the hosted version at A public beta version will be available in the late Fall, open for everyone. If you subscribe to the Omeka blog or follow us on twitter @omeka, you will hear the latest news about its progress.

Thank you!

Hello Sheila...

Wanted to follow up on this idea of a Hosted Service. When you say there is a scheduled Alpha release for fall... does that mean Omeka will be opening up this idea of a Hosted service possibility as well. Or just an Alpha release of the Omeka app? I will register for the blog updates most definitely. But hey, doesn't hurt to ask aye?

regards, david

When we open the service in Fall, any individual can sign up for an account and will have access to the basic functionality of the Omeka platform without needing to install it on a LAMP server. It will be similar to signing up for a or Blogger account, where you as the administrator log in through the web without needing for worry about software and server maintenance.

Sheila, thank you for this response. Will there be capacity restrictions?

We will be offering different plans that come with different amounts of storage, but we have not settled on the specifics of those plans just yet.

Will there be rectrictions related to add-ons?? right now i'm experimenting with Omeka in free hosting services, and everything works fine but an add-on that requires PHP-CLI, wich is not supported by the hosting service. So, if you set up this hosting service, i hope that issues could be covered.
Thanks, and greetings from Chile.

How soon this fall will Omeka Hosting be ready?