Omeka has encountered an error

Hello there,

I have followed all these instructions ( but when I access to the server directory to log in, I get an error message that suggests me to change this:

As suggested, I have changed the .htaccess file. But then I get a syntax error apparently in the .ini file.

Anyone knows what is the problem?

Many thanks for the help in advance!


But then I get a syntax error apparently in the .ini file.

Are you getting a message that says this? Can you post what you're getting, exactly?


The message says "Omeka has encountered an error. to learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Codex page on retrieving error messages".

So that's what I did and changed the .htaccess file. But it is not working.

I must say that I haven not managed to install omeka yet. I uploaded to my server but that's it -- I'm stucked there.

Many thanks!


Here is the message:


If I navigate to omeka-2.3.1/install there's a Zend error, apparently in the db.ini. You might check that everything there is properly edited?

Hi @mebrett,

I checked -- everything was fine. I uninstalled, created a new MySQL database, a new username, a new password and started the process. Again, I get this message:

I'm trying to get help from the IT services from my university but nothing yet.


The first step will be to follow the instructions to retrieve error messages. That'll give us more to go on.

Hi there,

I just resolved this.

Many thanks for your assistance

Thanks for the solution