Omeka Future

I understand that is pretty much ready now, and given that the current version of Omeka is 1.2.1, or so, I was wondering about the continuing development of Omeka, and who will take on that task. Since there are already a number of CHNM projects based on Omeka, I would guess that CHNM would continue to staff and support future upgrades to the software.

Yes, we will continue to support and develop Omeka. In fact, for those running the downloadable version of Omeka, we will be releasing a new version in late November, early December.

A quick follow up to Sheila's response. In recent months we have taken the Omeka project in several exciting new directions including and Omeka Commons. Yet the basis for all of this new work is, and will remain, the downloadable, open source version of Omeka. Omeka is first and foremost an open source software project, and we are committed to retaining that focus even as we move into new areas and serve new audiences.