Omeka for crowdsourcing project

We would like to use Omeka for our project but we are not sure if all things we need can be realised in Omeka. We want to create a participatory digital archive. Users shall have the possibility to upload own items, capture audio and/or video comments to their own items, add comments on items of other users, assemble items to collections, favorise them, etc. In addition we want to use our own design for the homepage. I would be glad for any hints, information about similar projects using Omeka, etc. Thank you very much in advance. Best, Emanuel

Hi there, the more I am reading this webpage the more I am convinced that Omekle could be the right thing for our project. I am anyway curious about your replies. Cheers, Emanuel

For most of the requirements you describe, I think it would be a good match. The Contribution plugin will get a lot of what you need. The favoriting on the public side is the piece that might be missing, but would be a simple plugin to build, depending on the details of how you want it to work and what you want it to do.

For similar projects, try browsing our list of Sites Using Omeka, where you'll find sites like Moving House and Preserve the Baltimore Uprising

Thank you so much for these replies. But is it possible to use our own homepage design with Omekle or are we bound to existing themes?

You can certainly modify the CSS of an existing theme to create your own look.

Might be worth adding that the guides mebrett linked to cover not just CSS, but also modifying the layout of existing themes and creating your own if needed with PHP and HTML.

For a custom Omeka homepage design I recommend to modify the "minimalist" theme:

and, in my experience, its a good idea to integrate the ui-kit css and javascript frame:

with it you can have an easy to configure fluid layout and things like slideshows and animation effects. Im still developing such a customized theme, when i finish it I'll share. but is kind of easy to do yourself.