Omeka for collection managment and contributing metadata to DPLA?

Hello all,

Is anyone using Omeka as a collection management system (rather than as a content management system for creating a website)? Are you using it for large numbers of objects?

Is anyone using Omeka to share metadata with the DPLA?

The project I'm working on hoped to use Omeka to replace contentdm in managing metadata (metadata only, no objects). We are hoping to also become a service hub to contribute metadata to DPLA, which means we will have large numbers of metadata records, but some have expressed concern about Omeka's efficacy for collection managament and it's capacity for large numbers of items. Any insight on this would be helpful!


Omeka is much more focused on web publishing, and so any but the most rudimentary collection management tasks won't be there. The number of items is generally less of a worry.