Omeka folder never shows up in server directory


I've downloaded Omeka, edited the db.ini file and then uploaded the folder to my Linux server space. However, when I go to my URL, I get an Internal Server Error. So I then check the parent directory in the browser. All of my other folders and any throwaway .html pages show up here. However, the Omeka folder does not.

I have checked the permissions (everything is 777) and still nothing shows up.

Are you sure you uploaded the Omeka folder to the right place, within your web document space?

Yep! I can see all my other folders and access them, even plain HTML files. So for instance, my URL is: returns the Internal Server Error. Another one of my folders would be which opened to the install screen immediately.

I'm not sure what's going on here.

Omeka doesn't really do anything special that would hide in from a directory listing like you described.

My first guess would have been some permissions problem with the uploaded files, but you've said you already checked that (and 777 is much more permissive than would be required).