Omeka Folder Change 404


I recently installed Omeka at my domain name under the folder /omeka/ for testing. When I try to change the folder name to /archive/, Omeka is still placing "/omeka/" in the url as in domainName/archive/omeka/home.

Do you know what file the path would be stored in so I can edit this?

Omeka doesn't really store the folder name anywhere usually.

Is there a specific URL or set of URLs thats causing this problem, or is it every one?

It appears to just be the index page when first accessing the URL. The /omeka/ does not appear to even need to be deleted for the rest of the URLs to work fine. If it helps, the website is:

Try resetting the home page in the navigation section. That setting may have kept the "old" base URL.

Thank you, that fixed it!