Omeka files in Wordpress

I am wondering if anyone has seen (or tried to create) a plugin that will allow one to exhibit files deposited in Omeka to show up in a wordpress post. I am interested specifically in calling all "images" associated with an item in Omeka to show up in a post in Wordpress.

We've just started testing an "Embed Codes" plugin for Omeka, which is designed to let you show Omeka Items in other systems the same way one embeds a YouTube video.

I'd guess it will be ready within a month.

You guys have been reading my mind lately. Thanks for the update ;)

We use the force as best we can. :)

Hi I was wondering when the embed codes plugin will be updated for version 2. I am keen to try and link a wordpress site with omeka so that we can get the best of both worlds when it comes to presenting our archive material to the public.

Any ideas greatly appreciated

The version that's available should work with Omeka 2.x

strange it comes up as an invalid plugin? I am running the latest version of omeka is there anything I should check in my setup?

If for some reason the server can't read one of the files, maybe because of file permission settings, that could cause it come up as invalid

Thanks Patrick That solved my problem great plugin by the way.