Omeka displays non-public items

I am running Omeka 2.1.3 and I have got a problem : items marked as non-public are displayed on the frontend. Do you have any hints to figure out why ?

Try viewing the site from an anonymous browser tab (Firefox, Chrome). Do the items still show on the front end?

Dear all, I have the same problem with the exhibit (I want to keep it "private" because I'm still working on it) and with other items.
I have tried with your suggestion and I have opened the exhibit from an anonymous tab with Firefox --> it gave me the "right" answer "There are no exhibits available yet."
But what if a user opens the browser from a "normal" browser tab??
THANKS A LOT for your attention.

The reason why you see private items is because you're logged in. Try logging out and looking at your site. Then log back in.

It works with anon/private viewing because you aren't logged in.