Omeka Developer/Designer Needed for Boston Marathon Archive

Omeka developers sought for Our Marathon: the Boston Bombing Digital Archive, a project under development at The NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks at Northeastern University. This archive wiil be:

a crowd-sourced archive of pictures, videos, stories, and even social media related to the Boston Marathon; the bombing on April 15, 2013; the subsequent search, capture, and trial of the individuals who planted the bombs; and the city’s healing process. “Our Marathon” will allow the public to explore not only what happened during the event, but also how the event was experienced by Bostonians, visitors to the city, and those many members of the “Boston diaspora” who were far away but deeply engaged in the unfolding events. The archive will serve as a long-term memorial, preserving these records for students and researchers, providing future historians with invaluable, local windows into an important national event.

We will use Omeka and its Contribute plugin for the first stage of this project (gathering stories &c.).

We seek

  1. designer(s) to develop a unique, modern, clean theme for the site.
  2. developers to work on additional plugins that will allow the incorporation of new kinds of data into Omeka:
    1. A refined Contribution plugin that makes the initial contribution process seem less daunting, using multiple screens (or slides, etc.) to walk users through adding their materials and metadata.
    2. A social media plugin that will allow tweets (and perhaps other social media, such as Instagram or Flickr photos) to be fully integrated into the archive. We have already harvested the public tweets from the time of the bombing and its aftermath, but hope to be able to include this data in the Omeka database itself.
    3. A plugin that would allow email and/or mobile contributions to the archive.
    4. A plugin that would allow batch media contributions (and entire folder of photographs, for instance) from the public (i.e. people without administrative access to the archive itself).

We do have funds to pay for development of these plugins. Please contact Ryan Cordell if you are interested in contributing.

Hello! We are working on a similar omeka based site collecting images and stories from the Baltimore uprising in April and early May 2015.

After admiring Our Marathon's contribution page, I found this thread. Did you create a unique contribution plugin? Is that available to other Omeka users? And if it isn't publicly available, is it something you could share with us or teach us how to replicate?


If I remember right, it's a fork from an older version of RRCHNM's Contribution plugin. I don't remember the details about what's different, but given that it was created some time ago now, there will likely be a lot, and a lot that's specific to Our Marathon's needs.

Sorry, I don't currently have a link to their code, though a search on github might uncover it. If you haven't already, a tweet to @ourmarathon might help