Omeka Developer sought for grant-based project

Hi everyone,
I am in the late stages of applying for a grant to develop three scholarly communications plugins for Omeka, and I need to locate a developer who could build these on contract ($$) - beginning in late Spring 2015. A very rough idea of the types of features we'd need is listed below. If you are interested in the project, please email Kevin Comerford at

Omeka Scholarly Plugins:

• Scholarly Commentary Plugin: The Omeka product currently offers a special user account role called “Researcher” that enables external users to reference or tag Omeka content records. The project partners wish to extend the functionality of the Researcher role - this custom plugin will enable “Researcher” type users with the ability to create their own private and public reference lists online, so they can save and export direct links to monograph text, illustrations, and externally-referenced content. Researcher type users will also be able to submit scholarly comments, marginalia notes and their own external online references to sections of the monograph texts. The submitted comments may be kept private or voluntarily made public after they have been reviewed and approved by the SSCH project team. Approved public annotations to the monographs will be displayed contextually in the sidebars of the online monograph pages.
• Scholarly Contributions Plugin: The Omeka product currently offers another special user account role called “Contributor” that enables external users to add content to an Omeka collection. This custom plugin will effectively enable “Contributor” type users with the ability to add longer scholarly articles that are related to the monograph subject matter directly in Omeka and have their work become part of the supplementary material offered by the online monograph. Contributions will be moderated so the custom plugin will most likely contain a “mini” editorial workflow where the SSCH editors can ask contributors to make corrections prior to publishing their submissions. Using the existing content tagging feature in Omeka, this plugin will allow the creation of dynamic “Further Reading” suggestions and reading lists for each monograph.
• External Content Integration Plugin: While links to external online resources can be easily embedded in Omeka content records, the project partners wish to create an enhanced linking feature where externally-referenced content can be highlighted both inline in the manuscript text, and also as a sidebar item. This plugin will provide a pop-up window or sidebar feature that will appear when a reader hovers their mouse over an embedded hyperlink. The pop-up window will contain enhanced metadata, thumbnail images, rights information and additional data about the external website being referenced.