Omeka changing file names?

I have some people developing some Omeka exhibits. They've been using img tags in the text fields (yes I know this is not the prescribed way to do things).

At some point this approach was working, but recently it seems like every img tag is broken. The tags were originally using the Omeka generated file names (4cns774nDFNSX7823.jpg or whatever). I've looked at a few of broken links and it appears that the file names have changed.

The links on the item pages are fine, it's just the img tags in the text fields in the exhibits that are broken.

Why would that be? Is there something in Omeka (maybe when upgrading?) that would change the file names?

Just upgrading Omeka wouldn't move your uploaded files around, but it's possible that the upgraded site isn't at the exact same URL the old one was at.

Omeka's auto-generated URLs will work no matter where the site is located on a sever, but if users have written manual URLs in image tags, the site would need to stay exactly where it was when they first got the URL.

Can you tell how the new URLs are different? Is the letters-and-numbers part different, or some other part of the URL?

Neither the server nor the URL has been changed, it's the letter and numbers part.

For example here is the link that we have in the html:

I've looked on our server and this file doesn't exist. As best I can tell, this is the correct URL for the image:

Something else must be going on here.

The only way the URLs for files would get changed is if they were re-uploaded, and that's not something that's part of the upgrade process.

Is it possible those files were simply deleted and re-uploaded in between the time the links were created and now?

Of course, my other suggestion is to use the "attach item" feature of the Exhibit Builder whenever possible instead of hardcoding links. If the preinstalled layouts don't suit your needs, you can edit them or create your own.

Ok, thanks for your reply. I have no idea if the files were re-uploaded. But I think I'll work on creating new layouts.

Is there a type of auto-correction built into Omeka and if so how do I turn it off?

Closest thing is some plugins that add autocomplete to fields, so those would be something in the site administration.

It could also be something set up in your browser?

Update: sorry I just actually paid attention to the title of the post!

Filenames are rewritten by Omeka into a hash for internal use.