Omeka as an alternative to DSpace

I’m interested in using Omeka as an internal digital repository solution for our organisation, Northumberland Estates. We do not currently have the resources to install and configure institutional repository software options such as DSpace.

Is anyone using Omeka as an alternative to DSpace, EPrints etc?

While we (and others) are using Omeka as a repository/archive, the Omeka team have gone out of their way to dissuade people from treating it as such. Indeed, we outboard some critical functions that you need in a repository because they are not in Omeka. This works for us, but we're a relatively tiny project.

You should evaluate Omeka against, say, CollectiveAccess to see which better aligns with your specific needs.

Thanks for clearing that up Dave.

Do you have any more suggestions apart from CollectiveAccess that may be more suitable for a the repository side of things?

Sorry, no. Not my wheelhouse. I knew more a few years ago when we were looking for a repository. We started with CollectiveAccess and quickly jumped to Omeka for a variety of reasons. I don't remember what other software we looked at to get to that decision. Perhaps others with more expertise will chime in.