Omeka API Import plugin not working

We followed all the instructions on this page to move the content from our main university omeka site to a recently established test site, but nothing at all happened. Has anyone else had this experience?

Have you double-checked that the API was enabled on the origin site? What version of Omeka are the two sites running? Did you use a key?

1) Yes, it was enabled.
2) 2.2 on the origin, 2.3 on the destination
3) Yes, we did use a key.

Thank you for your help

What plugins do you have on the sites? (In the past there's been some issue with plugins not being on the same version)

The 2.2 origin has COINS, Collection Tree, Commenting, CSS Editor, CSV import, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Embed Codes, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Neatline, NeatlineFeatures, Neatline Widget-SIMILE timeline, Neatline Widget-Text, Neatline Time, Neatline Widget-Waypoints, OAI-PMH, PDF Text, Scripto, Simple vocab

The 2.3 destination has COINS, CSV Import, Curatescape Admin Helper, Curatescape JSON, exhibit builder, geolocation, Neatline, Neatline Widget-SIMILE timeline, neatline time, Neatline Widget-Waypoints, API, Simple Pages. Also Tour Builder and Image tree builder which are version 1.1 so don't run

Another user had issues with API import when Collection Tree was active.

You might try disabling all plugins (except API Import) on both installs and run the import again. That would let us know if the issue was a plugin or something else.

Also, if you want to share the origin API, we can try running an import from it to see if it works for us.

If you are still willing to try running an import, I would greatly appreciate it. Our origin api is

Should I disable all of the plugins first?

Yes, disabling the plugins is a good plan to try to narrow down the issue, but I'll give it a whirl now, just to test

Test I'm doing now (4:45 ET) seems to be working. Next steps are disabling plugins, and looking in the application/logs/error.log file on the target installation.

Before trying the import again, set up error logging as described here. In the same config.ini file, also make the log level setting debug:

log.priority = Zend_Log::DEBUG

I have now disabled all the plugins except for the oai-pmh one. should i disable that too for your test?

I wouldn't think that that one would affect the import. Probably the steps to look in the error log described above is the next step.