Omeka and wordpress can't seem to get along

I am trying to run Omeka as a subdirectory with Wordpress at root. After searching the forum for support, I changed the rewrite rules in htaaccess.

Now Omeka works, but my subdomain pages I created in the Wordpress Dashboard do not work. So I changed the rewrite rules back and now the Worldpress subdirectories work, but Omeka doesn't.
I've contact my host for support but they can't seem to figure it out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have you tried setting the RewriteBase for Omeka's htaccess, then leaving the Wordpress one as it is?

Something like (obviously, remember to make sure the pound sign is gone from the beginning of the line if you modify the one in the file already):

RewriteBase /yoursubdirectoryname/

I actually just got the server support help me, so I'm all set. I had to install the subdirectory for Omeka differently. Thanks anyway!