omeka and Video playback

how can i make a video (flv., mov. or mpg) viewable in a omeka installation? Uploading is no problem but how to play it?
best from berlin

Does the page on which you are trying to show the movie have the display_files function on it? It would look something like this: <?php echo display_files($item->Files); ?>

no there is currently the following code on my item show.php
where should i put the code? <?php echo display_files($item->Files); ?>

<div id="primary">

<h2><?php if($item->title) echo h($item->title); else echo 'Untitled'; ?></h2>

<?php foreach($item->Files as $file): ?>
<div class="item-image">
<?php echo fullsize($file, array ('alt'=>$item->title)); ?>

<?php endforeach; ?>

Thanks for your help


switchted to another theme with

<div id="itemfiles">
<?php echo display_files($item->Files); ?>

but there is still no videoplay back just a link for downloading the video.

best jan

OK-two questions:

1) Which version of Omeka are you using?

2) What file types are you trying to view? You mentioned above flv, mov and mpg. Do all of these only appear as links?

i'am using omeka 0,92
mpg1 and flv files don't play back.
sorensen 3 qt mov works fine.
it would be great to have flash function in further versions.
maybe something like this plugin

grüße jan

OK-the MPEG file not playing is something we have on the list to be fixed for version .10 beta. The FLV file on the other hand will require a plugin that isn't currently on our docket.

I guess the short answer would be to convert the videos to MOV files for now, especially in the case of your FLV files.

for online video flv is the mostly used format of these days.
working for a large oral history archive with 800 hours of videomaterial the decission to go online with flash has already been made. May be our it-team could devolop such a plugin - because omeka seems to be a very good thing. best jan


I believe some colleagues at another university are working on a flash player for Omeka. We will post to the blog as soon as they release it. It shouldn't be too long.


Hi Jan,

The current 0.10 alpha and upcoming 0.10 beta releases feature code that improves and augments the displaying of files by allowing plugins to easily change the display of files with specific MIME types. In the meantime, Tom's right in mentioning that colleagues from another university have been developing a flash player plugin for that works with the 0.9 release. It's on the way.

If you're interested in developing other plugins, particularly simple ones that control the display of files, I'd be more than happy to discuss development possibilities on the Google Group ( or by setting up a phone conversation.