Omeka and SQL

Hi (sorry for my english), I try to find when and where the sql request for a search or advanced search is executing because I want to execute the same sql in an other page for an other programm. I try to find it because I don't want, if it's possible, remake the sql myself.


The SQL is built up in application/models/Table/Item.php in the _simpleSearch or _advancedSearch methods. It is executed according to the GET params passed to the items/browse page.

Hope that points you in the right direction

You can also turn on logging of the SQL queries in application/config/config.ini, which will just spit out all the queries Omeka runs into the error log.

Thank's for your advise, I continu to work in this way, the config.ini file write all sql and even if I find one wich interested me I can't re-execute it automaticaly because there is no specific id for every sql. I arrive to find the GET params but I should remake manualy the sql after, I try to find a solution with your help and I came back for new questions.