omeka and mods element set

Hello all,
Is possible to use MODS instead of DC as metadata set for elements in Omeka? is it recommendable?

I’m using the Fedora import plug in to create elements (museums) in my Omeka, from a Fedora repository. The objects in Fedora have certain "note" tags in their MODS, containing particular info i want to display (phone number, price, etc).
When my elements in Omeka are created, all those notes from the MODS are combined inside the Description field in the DC, so I cant separate the info.
I thought other solution could be using the extended DC plug in and somehow map those MODS tags to other fields of the extended DC.

Any ideas? thanks in advance! :)

I think you'd have trouble trying to add MODS as an element set in Omeka. Omeka's elements are designed to be "flat," while MODS has some level of built-in hierarchy that I think would be hard to map over.

I'm not sure how flexible the Fedora importer is, but for the specific case of these notes, trying to map them to different "extended" DC fields might be your best option.

Thanks for your reply John,

Yes, I’m aware of that difference. I found this plugin:

which "flattens" the MODS in a satisfactory way that you can adjust easily. I installed it and it works well, the Element Set is added and you can find it next to DC and Element Type when adding a new element. If you fill it's form by hand, works OK.

But now, I don’t know how to make this new MODS form get populated when I create an element from Fedora using Fedora Connector Plugin. It populates automatically the DC, but not the MODS, even if I choose to pull the MODS ds from Fedora.

I’m not anymore trying to use this to solve my problem, instead I added a new Element Type named "Museos" with the fields I need and filled them via CSV import.

But I would like to know how to populate this new Element Set (or any other) with Fedora Connector Plugin, for the sake of a better understanding of the potential of Omeka. The Fedora Connector manual says it's possible and easy, and it was designed with that functionality in mind. But there is no hint about how to do it, it only says it can be achieved adding sort of "sub plugins". I couldn't made it.

Thanks and good day!

Is it possible to make a batch import with the FedoraConnector plugin?

Any hint how it can be achieved?

Thanks all