Omeka 3.0 Subsites

I was checking out the for Omeka 3.0 and I was wondering how the subsites are going to work. Will it be possible to have a section of the site that's only accessible to certain users that have a username and password? With the ability to restrict the access to certain items?

We created a site specific plugin for our current installation of Omeka 1.51 that allows certain content to be viewed only by those with a username and password. We've been hesitant to upgrade to Omeka 2.1 because we don't want to rebuild the plugin. However, if this is a function of Omeka 3.0 that would be great.

We're still early enough in the process that some of those questions are still to be determined. The subsites will certainly have some features to differentiate access, much like WordPress multisite. Other restrictions beyond what we currently have with public or private items is a possibility, but we haven't nailed that down yet.

Well I'm definitely intrigued by the possibilities.