Omeka 2.2.2 admin tools all broken

I have upgraded from 2.1.4 (I think that was the dot release) to 2.2.2. Now I can not do anything as all the links on the Admin page are broken. For example:
The requested URL /admin/plugins was not found on this server.
So the obvious question is, why is everything missing in this release and how do we fix it?

Furthermore, even logout can't be found, so I went to another system to try to log in just in case it was an odd caching issue. From there, I can't even log in because /admin/users/login (the redirect from /admin) was not found. It would seem the entire system is broken, and I'm not understanding how it was released in such a case. Otherwise, it would seem the upgrade does not work and has corrupted the software in some way...

Fortunately I took a snapshot of the VM before upgrading so I can roll back, but it would be nice to know how we could actually upgrade.

Judging from personal experience and the lack of other reports in the last 2+ months, I can say with some certainty that "everything" isn't missing from the Omeka 2.2.2 release. To the best of my knowledge the entire system is not broken, but I suppose I have been wrong before.

Instead, your symptoms sound fairly reminiscent of what happens when the .htaccess file is missing. Do you have that file sitting in the root of your site? I've double-checked just to be sure, and it is indeed included as it should be in the Omeka 2.2.2 package. Because it's a hidden file, it sometimes be easily left behind or missed when uploading files or moving them around.

I've also had admin pages go bonkers when my admin theme was set to something other than default in the database, but I failed to copy the theme over to the new installation. In that case the problem can be fixed by copying your custom admin theme over, copying the default folder and naming it appropriately, or setting the value of admin_theme in the options table of the database to "default."

It seems this was due to trying to upgrade the server at the same time. Simply, it seems Omeka (and other things) don't run correctly in apache 2.4.x, you have to stick with 2.2.x

There are some issues with the Omeka rewrite rules for the installer (how it checks that rewrite is enabled) and older versions of Apache 2.4. Those are fixed in Apache 2.4.9.

But, those only ever affected the installer. The normal rewrite rules for the application itself work fine in Apache 2.4, no matter which specific version.

But, if you upgraded Apache, it's possible one of its settings (like AllowOverride) has been reset, so it's no longer looking for .htaccess files, or no longer loading mod_rewrite. I'd check on those things.

Good tips, might help others. We have other issues with things not being 2.4.x compatible yet that we need so rollback to just upgrading Omeka on Ubuntu 12 LTS which still uses Apache 2.2 was our answer for now. Maybe in another year or two we'll be able to go to 14 LTS and Apache 2.4 when the other tech catches up. No idea why it's lagging so badly.
Appreciate the help sorting out the red herrings!

John, I feel as if I am losing my mind re:.htaccess file in root folder of Omeka 2.2.2 upgrade. I have allowed hidden files to be made visible and do not see it. Just so that I might eliminate the idiot factor (no sure thing!) will you confirm for me that I should be seeing a .htaccess file next to the omeka-2.2.2 folder (not the .htaccess file within the omeka-2.2.2. folder)? Many thanks in advance for your help. By the way, I am running the install (well, trying to) on Bluehost and am upgrading actually because all of a sudden my users cannot upload images (metadata fine) on the 2.1.4 installations (and, yes, imagick extension in PHP is enabled).

All best
Quint Gregory

The .htaccess file should be in the root Omeka directory--the same location as your index.php, db.ini, etc. If it's not, you can copy the .htaccess file from the Omeka zip download that matches your version.