Omeka 2.0.4/ Neatline 2.0.3 - batch ingest of geocoded data

I've been able to successfully run the Ruby script detailed in part ii of the Geocoding for Neatline tutorial: The geographical data though does not seem to be writing into Omeka. Have the form elements changed in Omeka 2 for adding items? The script looks like it wants to write into various geo-related elements for the Coverage field but I can't see these in the add item form ('Elements[38][0][wkt]', etc.).

Thank you,

Hi Caleb,

For some reason my note to you got bounced last week. Short answer is that this got changed to KML from KML and I need to update that post. This is slightly more complex, but doable. I'll try to get an update this week...


Hi Wayne,

Many thanks - I'll keep an eye out for the update.