Omeka 2.0

Is it worth getting an plan now knowing that Omeka 2.0 will be coming out in about a month? I'm trying to see whether it would save us time, effort, and headaches by delaying our decision to sign on. Essentially are there any obvious costs and obstacles that will result from having to transition from current Omeka to Omeka 2.0? Or will the transition be fairly seamless?

The biggest obstacle is just in transferring the data from to a standalone Omeka site, whether it is 1.5 or 2.0. So, if you anticipate wanting to use Omeka 2.0 on your own hosting, I'd say it'd be best to install 1.5 on your own hosting to start work, then update when 2.0 comes out. will eventually be moved to 2.0, but not for at least a few months.

We'll probably use That being the case should I understand your comments to mean that it would be best for us to proceed with that and just wait for to upgrade later on?

We take care of all upgrades for users. As Patrick mentioned, we won't be transitioning the Net users to 2.0 for another few months after we release 2.0 for users running their own installations.