Omeka 2.0 - Indexing

I have migrated a few days ago to the new Omeka 2.0 (
There is an issue I stumbled and I really need some help with this one.

I havent tested the search engine and today I discovered that I cannot find anything - nothing is returned.
Going to back end I couldn't find a way to reindex or at least to try solve the matter.

I mention that I have access to terminal if needed. A bit of help, please?!

You may index your records in Settings > Search > Index Records.

What are you searching for that nothing is returned? I'm not having trouble searching your site.

Ok, I found it! I've done a reindexing, but I get the feeling something is not right.

For example, if you go to this record here:

And do a search after its title or one of the keywords, nothing is returned. Strange!

Another thing. When I upgraded I was asked to reindex and it told me to lay back do other important stuff, and the indexing will be done. I did tat (left the pannel), and I do have my fears something was not ok there.

Is there any method to purge indexing and start afresh?

Thank you Jim for your time!

I think I got it!

I had to tick the options, SAVE the options and then reindex!

It is better now! But, still, is there any method to start afresh?!

Clicking on the "Index Records" button in Settings > Search will re-index your entire site.

Thank you Jim! Close, please!?