Omeka 2 installation process doesn't boot

I have just installed Omeka 2 on my webhost and after viewing the omekacast (and dealing with the version changes since the movie was made) it said that the "install process" should start if I "visit the URL of my omeka installation". When I do that I get a very plain omeka visitor screen. Is there any way I can force the "Welcome to Omeka!" screen to appear so that I can specify my Site Settings and Default Super User Account?

What happens when you go to the admin side?

Thanks for replying Sheila. The admin side asks for my login information which I haven't been able to set up because I haven't gone through the full install process, viz. the "Welcome to Omeka" screen. I'm a new user of Omeka and have no previous account details stored on the system. Thus my query of, can I force the welcome screen to boot so that I can set-up my account details?.... thanks

I'm wondering if everything is actually uploaded to your webhost. Have you double-checked to be sure you have all of the directories and files available in the zip download--especially in the /install directory? You can always look at the file structure and files of the tag on GitHub:

Thanks - I'm now up and running. It happened with the upgrade to 2.01. I may have missed something OR 2.01 may have solved my issue. In the interim, I created a fairly rich site using the free plan at Is there any way I can transfer all the contents and operability of that site to Omeka 2.01 on my server?