Omeka 1.3 - problems with tagging, CC lic and deleting items, but maybe just me?

Just upgraded to 1.3 (wahoo!) but now having a couple of problems and I'm wondering if I've perhaps not permissioned some files/folders correctly or missed something in the upgrade!

1. Tagging
When in the "add item"/"edit screen" the workflow now appears in all in one screen (cool!). But when I try and add tags to an item and hit "add tags" nothing happens (the tags remain in the text entry box). Adding tags to items on the item description page (i.e. in the right-hand column) however works.

2. CC License
Just like with the tags, when I change the CC license to "no license" the change does not take effect.

3. Deleting items
I'm getting the following error message when I try and delete an item:

exception 'BadMethodCallException' with message 'Method named 'findByItem' does not exist or is not callable.' in [...]/omeka/application/libraries/Omeka/Db/Table.php:85

Any ideas? Have I missed something in the upgrade? :)

Hi pcoutas,

It seems like you may have missed moving some files when you did the upgrade. The item/add page should still have the same tabs they did before, and not one big long form. It sounds like the JavaScripts for that page aren't being included or run.

I just did a fresh install of 1.3 from the available zip file, and can't replicate the behavior you're seeing, so there may either be some missing files, or permissions issues with some files in your Omeka folder.

The deleting item is a little weird. Where are you tring to delete this, from the items/edit page?

Before you try uploading 1.3 files again, try deactivating all your plugins and see if you get the same behavior. The CreativeCommonsLicense plugin is only tested up to 0.9, so there may be something in it, or some other plugin, breaking the admin. If that works, try activating each plugin, and testing for your issues after you activate, one at a time.

I deactivated and reactivated plugins and voila! Working as normal again.

Back to adding adding adding... :) Omeka and I are like this >< at the moment.

Happy holidays!

Oh... and with the deleting items... it was from the search page. So that might be it! Deleting from the browse page is no problem.