Omeka 1.3 install

I have been having so many issues installing omeka - so decided to install an earlier release. I have changed the db.ini and changed file permissions on the archive folder. If you go to my page ( you see a host of error messages. I am out of my element here and don't know how to fix this. Can anyone help? Thanks, Ruth

The problems you're having look like they're not related to the Omeka version; they're the result of restrictive security settings on your server.

In particular, you have an open_basedir setting that prevents PHP from even looking at any files outside the temporary directory and your "httpdocs" directory.

The Zend Framework code that Omeka runs on tries to read through your whole PHP include path when loading files.

Normally, I'd suggest tweaking or getting rid of your open_basedir setting, but I believe this was the same problem you were having several months ago.

Something else that should work: Add the following line to the top of the paths.php file in your Omeka root (it should go after the <?php line):


That should remove all the other directories from your include path and (hopefully) get rid of those errors.

Also, I recommend that you use Omeka 1.5, the most recent version.

Thanks for that.

I decided to uninstall and reinstall 1.5 and have worked with my service provider to work on the openbase_dir stuff. All of that seems to be fixed, and now only one error, but it seems like a big one having to do with filemodule.

Can you check it out here:

Thanks again for all your help - it is much appreciated.


That's a warning, not an error.

The installer is telling you that your host doesn't have the "Fileinfo" PHP extension installed. Omeka uses that extension to verify the types of uploaded files as a security feature.

If you don't have Fileinfo installed, that validation will be disabled, but Omeka will still work fine. You could also ask your host if they can install that extension (or PHP 5.3, which includes the extension by default).

Thanks John - I will go ahead with the install.