Omeka 0.9.0 installation and troubleshooting tips - GSU Library Case

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GSU System Settings:
Linux Suse Enterprise v10
Apache 2.2.3
MySQL 5.0
PHP 5.2.5
ImageMagick (with libjpeg library installed)

Installation/Troubleshooting Tips
Since the Omeka installation is pretty straightforward, we will only concentrate on the problems we met during installation and testing.
1. Upgrading PHP from 4.3 to 5.2.5
1.1 in Suse Linux, use yast2 facility to do the upgrade
1.2 again, using yast2 to enable with enable exif functions (in yast2, search for PHP and enable exif). Exif function is used by FileImages.php (/omeka/application/models/FileImages.php, exif_read_data() etc..). Exif function is used to read meta data from pictures by digital camera.

2. .htaccess file is a headache. It depends on apache server setting. The .htaccess files come with Omeka are perfect, but we have to add the following code in our apacke config file to make it work with Omeka .htaccess files.

In GSU apache config file, we add the followings:
<Directory "/srv/www/htdocs/omeka">
Options All
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

3. After installation, we found the following problems in our testing.
3.1 Error in adding a new user (blank page)
This was caused by the micortime() function in /omeka/application/models/UsersActivations.php. This function is only available on operating systems that support the gettimeofday() system call. We changed it to date('YmdHis'), and troule resolved.

3.2 Error in sending activation email to new user.
This is a known issue in Omeka 0.9.0 and to be resolved in next release. A temporary workaround was posted by us in Omeka forum ( Basically, just add one line of code as a quick fix.
in file: /application/controller/UsersController.php line 122. After
try {
if($user->saveForm($_POST)) {
$user->email = $_POST['email'];

3.3 Error in adding new item to an archive (here we tested adding a new still image). If we leave the field Compression blank, it will cause a database insert error. We changed the database table field files.compression to NULL.

3.4 Error in uploading images. Omeka returns blank page after uploading an image. It was caused by Exif functions set are not available. Please refer to step 2.2 to learn how to install PHP Exif support.

Just a data point - I needed to do 3.3 in a new installation of in order to get file uploading working as well...

Please, please, PLEASE fix this in stable-0.9 if not - this is a blocker.

I'm not sure which part of this list needs to be fixed. Maybe you could give a bit more info? We haven't run into any of these errors on our server (except the email bug, which was fixed in the stable-0.9 branch). What sort of problems are you having? If we can't replicate it, maybe you could help us out and try patching it and posting that to the dev list? Thanks.

The issue is point 3.3 - I'll post to the dev list.