Odd error message with DocViewer

I have installed DocViewser to give an inpage display of PDF files in my system. However, it sometimes gives me this error message:

"You've reached the bandwidth limit for viewing or downloading files that aren't in Google Docs format. Please try again later"

Reloading the page almost always displays the file correctly.

None of my PDFs are very big. Searching online for this error message generally leads to Google Help docs that talk about bandwidth limits for email accounts, which have nothing to do with this case.

Any advice? Or is there an alternative plugin that could be used?

My site is at: cpes.org.uk/om

I'm able to view those PDFs successfully through the Docs Viewer, or at least some of them.

I think those bandwidth limits the viewer error message makes reference to are different for each user viewing the site, not the site itself. Do you get different results trying with a different browser, or having logged out of your Google account or logging into a different one?

Unfortunately, reliance on Google's behavior comes with the territory for the Docs Viewer plugin.

There's been some suggestions for viewers that would either embed PDFs directly and rely on the browsers to read them (using the built-in viewers of Chrome or Firefox or the Acrobat plugin for IE), or would use something like Mozilla's PDF.js library. As far as I'm aware, though, those plugins don't currently exist.

Another workaround option for right now would be to just omit the viewer, and have the thumbnail or fullsize images Omeka generates link to the full PDF, where the browser would generally take care of displaying it.

We had problems with the Docs Viewer plugin as well and, with the help of people from this forum, moved to using pdf.js.

You'll need to change some of the Omeka code and install pdf.js on your server.

It's fairly straightforward - you can see our modified show.php code here: https://github.com/padraic7a/seasons/blob/master/items/show.php#L7-30

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