OCLC Webinar

I was trying to watch the OCLC webinar, but the slides stopped at the administrative page example. I fast-forwarded but nothing happened, it remained on the admin. page.


We don't host the webinar, so I can't really help. Here is where all of the webinars are accessible,http://www.oclc.org/research/events/taichi.html, and if you're having additional troubles I suggest contacting the OCLC folks.

RBM, On our web site where you would have downloaded the recording, we say "*Please note: due to an error in the recording process the slides in the webinar recording do not progress entirely. To view the slides in their entirety please view this .pdf of the Omeka Webinar Slides separately." We're very sorry for this, but it was beyond our control. Thanks,

Thanks for the info, Roy.

Thank you. I understand.