Occasional thumbnail issue with Dropbox/batch upload

I am experiencing an issue with (some) thumbnails rendering when using Dropbox to batch upload images. My site can be found here:


What I do know:

  • Only .tiff files seem to be effected. But not ALL .tiffs are being effected.
  • The issue appears to be happening at random
  • ImageMagick is installed and working—for (most) images at least. So, I think I am good here...
  • File size does not appear to be a factor, as some large images (>75MB) are being successfully processed, while some are not.

I am on Omeka 2.3 using DigitalOcean to host and AWS S3 for storage. I am not an expert here, but might it be some weird issue of file type, Dropbox, etc. not playing nicely for some reason? How should I begin to troubleshoot this?

Many thanks in advance for insights/assistance.

Have you turned on logging and checked Omeka's log? Something should get written to the log whenever Omeka tries and fails to make a thumbnail for a file.

Hi John,

Thanks so much for your reply. So, I think we are onto something. I cannot make sense of it myself, but the following error was logged:

2015-08-04T22:24:44+00:00 WARN (4): Error output from ImageMagick:

2015-08-04T22:24:44+00:00 ERR (3): ImageMagick failed with status code 137.

It seems like it might be related to memory usage, not ImageMagick. Found this thread here:


Looking into it.


I found the following thread:


I now have things working as they should—I ran "sudo apt-get update" and then restarted apache. So far, I have contributed two (previously problematic) images successfully.

However, if the aforementioned thread is correct, this solution might cease to work at some point...at which time I will attempt other fixes (we too are using AWS for storage). Will check back in if needs be.