OaipmhHarvester : Differences between harvested and native entries?

We're beginning a project and just at the point of committing to Omeka, but I've been tasked with finding out a few things first.

If we use the OaipmhHarvester plugin to harvest from our Content Management System, are there any noticeable differences between the harvested items and natively-submitted items, assuming they're using the same metadata fields, etc?

The OAI-PMH Harvester harvests either Dublin Core metadata or Mets sets (including files).

One thing you can add directly into the Omeka items is Omeka item type metadata.

If you want to test this before getting hosting, you can also get a free Omeka.net account and test out a harvest.

Yeah, that seems like a good idea-- I wasn't sure if that was one of the plugins that'd work with the free .net accounts.

Since Omeka item type is a pretty important piece of metadata, it's almost sounding like the OAI-PMH harvester will harvest stuff from the other site, but we're going to wanna add the "item type" to those items manually before making the harvested items go live-- is that a fair assessment?