OAI questions

I have installed the OAI-PMH Repository plug-in to expose our OAI records and have a couple questions. First, does it expose items that are not marked public? Secondly, when I use the ListRecords verb, http://omeka.wustl.edu/omeka/oai-pmh-repository/request?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc I only see records from one collection, but when I use the ListSets verb http://omeka.wustl.edu/omeka/oai-pmh-repository/request?verb=ListSets, all collections are there. Will a harvester still pick up everything even though I am not seeing all the records listed? Thanks.

Only public items are included by the repository plugin.

ListRecords is including all the collections. You're only seeing things from collection number 1 because you seem to have well over 100 items in that collection. Items from other collections are just on later "pages" of the response.

Great - thank you for the quick response!