OAI PMH Repository plug-in

I'm using the OAI PMH Repository plug-in on Omeka 2.3 to expose OAI records. When I try to view all the sets using the URL http://omeka.wustl.edu/omeka/oai-pmh-repository/request?verb=ListSets, I get an error "error on line 161 at column 1: Extra content at the end of the document." I can view individual sets just fine. Does this error effect exposing the records and if so, how can I fix it? Thanks.

The "extra content" is a PHP warning. Turning off "development" mode in the .htaccess file will probably fix the problem because it hides those error messages.

The warning itself though, could be a sign of a bug somewhere. The warning is complaining about some text around the word "Music" . The error it's printing should only happen if one of the collection titles contains an ampersand, which I'm not seeing anywhere, though it may have been stripped.

The ampersand was the culprit. I changed it to "and" and am no longer getting the error message. Thank you!

Good to know.

The ultimate culprit for this is actually a bug in the repository plugin. I should have a release fixing it out soon.