OAI-PMH Repository does not export all items to DSpace

I am trying to export the items created in Omeka to demo dspace repository http://demo.dspace.org/xmlui/, but I can export all items to http://demo.dspace.org/xmlui/.

I would also like to know if you can export a collection of Omeka to a collection in DSpace well as its content

Please don't copy the same question out to unrelated threads. If you have further information or details to add, you can do it here, on your original thread.

Your question, as written, doesn't give a detailed explanation of your problem, the results you expect, and the results you're getting instead. It appears you're trying to use OAI-PMH to ingest items from Omeka into a DSpace repository.

Is your problem that not all the items are being ingested (if so, is there any pattern to what's ingested and what isn't?), or that not all the metadata for each item is being ingested?

Exactly... Not all items are being collected by http://demo.dspace.org/xmlui always missing the most recent

Apologies for copying to a different threads to this

What url I use to export a particular collection?

I am currently using this url ( )to pass data from a collection in Omeka to a collection in DSpace but does not work

I´m Creating a collection in DSpace for introduce this url ( ) but does not work

Dear John,
I have used this plugin, but when I made your upgrade to version 2, the harvesting don't work. I tried several data providers, but no success. The message showed by harvester is Error or In Progress (but don't finish).

This plugin have any bug?

About system:
Omeka 2.1.2
PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.8 (apache2handler)
OS Linux 3.5.0-34-generic x86_64
MySQL Server 5.5.32
MySQL Client 5.5.32
Apache Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)
OaiPmhRepository 2.0
OaipmhHarvester 2.0



Can you share your repository URL?

I didn't actually personally write the 2.0 version of the Harvester plugin, but I'm not aware of any problems with it.