OAI-PMH Repository "badVerb" error

I'm running Omeka 1.5.3 and have installed the latest version of the OAI-PMH Repository plugin. I want to get the data in my Omeka site into ViewShare, which has an OAI harvester, but the ViewShare harvest fails. The URI I'm giving it is http://steepletoplibrary.org/oai-pmh-repository/request

Going to http://steepletoplibrary.org/oai-pmh-repository/request in a browser gives a "badVerb" error. Is there some other URI I should be giving ViewShare so that it can harvest my metadata?

Going to just the base URL should give you a "badVerb" error in a browser, by design.

If you give a verb, that link works fine, like

But, you'd only manually add those parameters just for seeing if that URL is working in a browser. With a harvester, you want to just use the base URL, the one you posted. A harvester knows what verbs and other parameters to give.

Is there any more detail about the error from ViewShare? Without more information, I'd say the problem is on their end. It's possible there's some issue with the plugin, but nothing that's apparent.

Ah, good. I'll bug the ViewShare people: in my experience it's tough to get data in there anyway by any means except a CSV file. The only error message I got was something along the lines of "set not found."