OAI-PMH Repository and ItemType metadata?

Is there a way to use OAI-PMH Repository to expose specific Item Type metadata? Do we have to extend the plug-in ourselves to do this? Is there a way to map the Item Type metadata to DC so it will be exposed by the call for oai_dc?


You can use my fork https://github.com/Daniel-KM/OaiPmhRepository, that adds an option to convert item types to Dublin Core Type.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

If you're using version 2.1 of the plugin as available in the addons directory, you have the option Daniel's talking about, since he contributed it upstream: it's called "Expose item type."

Howver, all that option will do is add the Item Type name as a Dublin Core Type element. If you want to expose some Item Type metadata as other Dublin Core elements, you'd have to either make your own metadata format that does that, or "replace" the regular oai_dc with one that adds the metadata you want.

Either of those things is possible by using the oai_pmh_repository_metadata_formats filter. This filter was added in version 2.1 of the plugin, and allows you to add or change metadata formats by writing a separate plugin to do so rather than having to fork or alter the Repository itself.

You might get some ideas how to implement this from modifications I have done to the DC Extented plugin for mapping various Item Type Metadata fields to QDC fields. Relevant code is here: https://github.com/mjlassila/plugin-DublinCoreExtended/blob/master/libraries/DublinCoreExtended/Metadata/Finna.php#L142