OAI-PMH Harvester Images

I've been testing the OAI-PMH Repository and Harvester plugins, and I was wondering if there was a way for the Repository site to display whatever image file(s) the Harvester site is displaying. I'm currently just getting a hyperlink to the image in the Repository side. Is there a setting somewhere, is this the expected outcome, or is there a problem somewhere?

If this is the expected outcome, I'm just wondering if there's a reason for not displaying the file that I haven't considered.

The OAI-PMH standard is created for the exchange of metadata only, not files. I'm guessing the plugin could be tweaked to deal with files, too, but I don't know what would be involved and different repositories might require different methods of file harvest..

It sounds like you've got the Harvester and Repository reversed there: usually, you'd be looking to get images from the Repository side to the Harvester side.

If it's available, the "mets" metadata option when you go to harvest should transfer the files as well as the Dublin Core metadata.

I had no idea there was a mets option for harvesting--interesting!