OAI-PMH-Harvester 2.0 upgrade error

I am working in Omeka for a course and working through a virtual machine through unbuntu. I had install the OAI PMH harverster version 1.0. After installation, I received a blank white screen. I had removed the version 1.0.

Our instructor indicated there was a version 2.0 release, so I had installed version 2.0.

When I go to the plugins to install I receive an upgrade button. I click on the upgrade button and received an "omeka has encountered an error" I looked at the my system information by clicking on the link on the bottom page. Under Oaipmh Harvester it indicates 1.0. How do correct this issue and update the version 2.0?

We'll get more info about the error if you can turn on error messages following these instructions

When you go to the plugins page, does it still give you the upgrade button for OAI PMH Harvester?

Thank you for your response. I have tried those steps. I was unsuccessful. From the plugins pages, I get only an upgrade button, no uninstall button is shown.

So, after following those instructions, there's no more information on the error page you get when you click Upgrade?

I think it's pretty likely your situation is like this other recent report and the same step of removing it from the plugins table should help, but it would be easier to tell with the detailed error message.