OAI PMH Harvest Disappears


I successfully harvested metadata from an external collection. The items appear as a collection and are browsable. However within 24 hours the the items disappear yet the collection name remains.

Does anyone have any idea how I can resolve this issue?

Many thanks!

Omeka doesn't automatically delete items for pretty much any reason, and the harvester won't do anything on its own either.

Could you have had another user remove the items, or did you choose to "Undo" the harvest (which deletes the items)?

Yeah its sort of strange. I do not think another user is removing items, certainly not the 2000+ metadata records that were harvested.

An interesting oddity - if I walk away for about 24 hours, come back and visit the site, the collection is there but the items are not.

If I then proceed to login into the account, click the OAI-PMH plugin tab(just click the tab), and then navigate back to public site, the items appear again.