OAI-PMH Harverster - Trouble REharvesting


I have successfully harvested my OAICAT repository onetime. Then, I deleted the XML files from the repository and added new XML files. I am trying to harvest again the same repository to get the set of new records but the OAI-PMH Harvester is not getting any.

Notice: Resuming harvest from 2016-05-31. (2016-06-01 07:24:49)
Notice: The repository returned no records. (2016-06-01 07:24:50)
Notice: No records were found. (2016-06-01 07:24:50)
Notice: Did not receive a resumption token. (2016-06-01 07:24:50)

It seems to me that I need to restart the OAICAT repository to avoid resuming the harvest? Well... I have restarted Tomcat and reloaded the OAICAT repository but it is not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The harvester will send parameters asking your repository to only return new records: those edited or created after the date of the last harvest.

I'm not sure how your OAICAT repository is working, but I suspect that it isn't advertising those records as being "new."

Hi John
Thank you for taking a look at this.
Do you have any suggestion to make my OAICAT see these new records as "new"?
I have restarted Tomcat and reloaded the OAICAT repository but it is not working.


I'm not really sure what the workflow is there with loading in new records to the repository, but what you want is to have it advertise the records with more recent timestamps (like the time at which you loaded the new records). It's possibly pulling the timestamps from the XML you're loading in?

If you can't get it to work that way, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the Harvester plugin from Omeka. This will clear its records of what repositories it's harvested from, so it will just try to harvest the entire set again if you give it the same URL from before.