OAI PMH export doesn't include geolocation

I was hoping that when I exported to the OAI repository, all my metadata and the map coordinates that I had to individually place would be included, but they were not. The metadata fields for item type are not included, and neither are tags or geolocation. Not sure if there is a way to re-harvest and include all these fields?

The OAI-PMH Repository plugin includes item type and tag metadata only when harvesting from the omeka-xml metadata format. Your harvester must be able to parse the response against the current schema in order to map it to your database:


Thanks for the quick response, but unfortunately this is a bit over my head. Can I edit the OAI-PMH Repository plugin to get the proper data, or does it depend on the OAI harvester, which I have not control of? And is there no way to include geolocation coordinates?

Normally it depends on your OAI-PMH harvester, but I suppose you could hack the repository plugin to add geolocation coordinates to the oai_dc metadata format, which all harvesters should be able to harvest. That would take someone who's familiar with your Omeka installation and Omeka's plugin API.

Another option is to hand-copy all the coordinates to Dublin Core's Coverage element and harvest as normal.