OAI-imported Identifier tag - make linkable

I've been working with the OAI harvester plugin (great job on that, btw) and it works well with my DSpace installation. However, I'd like to have the "identifier" tag come over to Omeka as a clickable link. Right now I just have the handle in that field and I have to manually use the edit function to turn it into a clickable URL. I guess I'm asking if there's a way to set Omeka to make that data element a link on import or is manually editing it the only way to go?

Can you edit your item show page in your theme to display the data as a link?

Yes, after I posted this I thought about solving the problem with a theme tweak...but as I dug through the theme (using the Berlin theme), I realized that the dublin core values are being processed in other functions, back in the main code ... e.g., seems to happen in show_item_metadata and other places I haven't yet sorted out. Will continue my search but if you get another idea, I'll be happy to hear it. You can follow this link to see what I'm asking about:
I'd like the "Identifier" link to be clickable so it would go back to our MARS system.