OAI harvester plugin not harvesting

I've tried harvesting a collection using OAI harvester plugin and it doesn't work. The status remains as "Initiated" forever. I tried it with several collections and repositories. Is anyone else having this problem? Could it have anything to do with the path for the php-cli binaries in the plugin's settings? I haven't run into any errors so far.

I might add that our server we are trying to harvest is this:
http://drc.wooster.edu/oai/request and selecting the Farmer Oral History set (hdl_2374.COLLW_9).

Could someone try to see if you can successfully harvest our repository, and if so, what settings did you use to make sure it worked properly?

Interesting, so have you successfully harvested any sets with that plugin?

I received an error with the Farmer Oral History set. The Digital Costume Collection indicated a successful harvest but no items were imported.

There are many sets to test from the Library of Congress if that is helpful to you:

I'll try the LOC harvest test and see if it's successful. Thanks!

I don't think it's working.

Status Starting
Initiated 2011-10-21 10:20:21
Completed [not completed]

It's been almost 40 minutes and no progress at all.

The "Status: Starting" part is the best indication that there's a problem.

That means that the process that should do the harvesting hasn't even started. You should only ever see a status of "Starting" for a very short amount of time.

Your "path to PHP-CLI" setting is likely to be the issue here; it needs to be pointed at the path to a PHP-CLI binary on the server you're running Omeka on. You might need to check with IT or your host to see if you have php-cli and if so, where it's located.

That was the problem. Thanks John. The path is correct and now it works.