OAI harvester plug-in only harvesting collections?

It looks as though the OAI harvester plug-in only harvests items that are in Omeka collections and not all items, is that correct? I would like to have items that are in exhibits (but not collections) to be harvested as well. Is this possible?

It should be possible to choose to "Harvest the entire repository" and get all the items, no matter whether they're in a collection.

There's no way to use the harvester to get just the items from a single exhibit, though.

Thanks. Is there a way to exclude certain items? We have some Omeka items that are useful to our faculty and staff but that we don't want to expose to DPLA.

Interesting case (saying that as also a DPLA Community Rep!).

Not 100% sure, but I suspect that making those items not public would also hide them, but faculty and staff would have access when the are logged in.