Not saving image metadata since upgrade to 1.3.2

Hi, all.

Since upgrading half a dozen Omeka sites to v1.3.2, it appears that the element set containing additional metadata about images (width, height, and so on) isn't being saved when a new file is uploaded. Looking at the application logs, it seems as if the queries that'd do that aren't even being attempted.

Is that a familiar issue to anyone? Any clues on where I should look in the code to find where that information would normally be written to the database?

Many thanks for your help.


Omeka_File_Info (in application/libraries/Omeka/File/Info.php) is responsible for dealing with extracting and saving file metadata.

There weren't any big changes to that code in 1.3.2, the only thing off the top of my head that would completely prevent the file metadata saving is if you don't have the Exif extension for PHP installed.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, John.

It does appear as if the issue is with the absence of the Exif extension, so we're addressing that. Thanks very much for your help in identifying that; it would've taken a very long time to spot that ourselves.

When we delete an item, we're getting the following error:

"file" not found by file transfer adapter

Could that be related to the lack of data in the 'image file' element set, perhaps?

Sorry, ignore that last query...! I've figured that out, and it was entirely unrelated...