No Style Tab/WMS

I'm trying to work with Neatline and GeoServer using some historical maps. The tutorial for doing that is from here:

I know it's nearly three years old, and that several Omeka versions have come out since then. As such, I'm not surprised I'm getting stuck. I can't locate where the "WMS" (web map services)tab is; figuring that it must have been moved with a version change, I go to the forums. I see some talk of WMS being located under the "item style" tab, but I don't have that, either.

Have these functionalities been deprecated? If so, does anyone have any suggestions/can anyone point me to a tutorial for using Omeka 2.2.2/Neatline 2.3 with historical maps? If they've just been moved or turned off somehow, could you tell me how to get them back?

On my item edit page, I have only the following tabs:
*Dublin Core
*Item Type Metadata